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We accept Togo & Delivery order by phone and Fax.

Food Delivery

Postmate, Door Dash, Grubhub

Phone : (310)396-4037

Fax   : (310)396-4039

About Us

NOICE OF "WHITE TUNA" LABEL CHANGE(MARCH 27,2015) Dear Customers.. It has come to our attention that the Escolar fish we may have served under the label “White Tuna” may have caused confusion for some customers. Although the confusion was unintentional on our part, in January 2015, we changed the label from “White Tuna” to “ Escolar” on our menus in the restaurant to prevent this unintended confusion in the future....

About us

Great spot in Santa Monica, great prices, great sushi, the owners are wonderful and are extremely attentive to customers needs. Omar A. / 05.2014