Izumi C. Santa Monica, CA

April 14, 2014Read More

Sweet little mom and pop sushi spot on Lincoln. Caters towards families and locals, not a huge restaurant, but quaint.

Hank M.Nassau County, NY

April 11, 2014Read More

I was skeptical that this place wasn't Japanese, but I was wrong.

Nick S. Santa Monica, CA

April 5, 2014Read More

I am afraid to write too many great things about this place because I don't want them to be too busy for us to be able to walk in like we always do...

Jon W. Santa Monica, CA

May 12, 2014Read More

Actually surprisingly good for neighborhood sushi joint. So much better than the one it replaced.

Omar A. Los Angeles, CA

May 13, 2014Read More

Great spot in Santa Monica, great prices, great sushi, the owners are wonderful and are extremely attentive to customers needs.