Izumi C. Santa Monica, CA

April 11, 2014

Sweet little mom and pop sushi spot on Lincoln. Caters towards families and locals, not a huge restaurant, but quaint. The owners are Japanese, and the style of sushi reflects their attention to detail and eagerness to please customers. The menu is huge, tons of rolls, if that's your thing, and cooked dishes. A little bit of fushion korean bibimbop, teriyaki, and what not.

What's amazing: The sashimi - they have a few carpaccio style dishes, with ponzu, jalepenos, and lemon. The yellowtail was amazing! The cut of fish left a bit of fat layer which most places remove because people are terrified of anything that looks like fish, what people dont know is that the fat has the flavor, and gives the fish more taste. The rolls are well portioned, actually a little too big for me, but i'll stick to just fish from now on, cause that's the business!

Overall, wonderful service, sweet people that really want to make you happy. Good food, very reasonable prices for the portions, and non-pretentious atmosphere. You aren't paying for the decor, or young trendy servers, you are paying for the food. I will definitely go back, for both the food and sweet service.

Hank M. Nassau County, NY

I was skeptical that this place wasn't Japanese, but I was wrong. Service and food was outstanding. The sushi chef even gave me a complimentary yellowtail collar! In an area with such high end sushi places, this place is a nice alternative. A new staple when I stay in Santa Monica. Was this review …?

Nick S. Santa Monica, CA

I am afraid to write too many great things about this place because I don't want them to be too busy for us to be able to walk in like we always do, and I don't want them to get rid of their awesome discounts, but...

This place is AMAZING. I love sushi, and have eaten sushi all over L.A. and beyond. What is amazing about this place is:

1. They have black rice (that's right, not brown rice) to substitute for white rice. This rice is so healthy for you and it tastes great.

2. They have a grip of non-rice rolls (try the ex-boyfriend roll).

3. They have a handful of options for people who don't like raw fish (like my girlfriend) such as the baked lobster roll (ask for it without all the sauces on it - it's so damn good you'll be thinking about it for days, and it's reheats well).

4. They have three large flat screen televisions if you want to eat and stay up to date on your favorite sporting event.

5. They have so many shrimp tempura rolls - honestly, you want it, they have it.

6. Last but not least, they have this amazing discount. 30% off of everything for happy hour 3p to 5p. And, they should still have the 20% off of everything during all other times.

The owner and employees are very friendly. Street parking is easy.

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Sean C. Los Angeles, CA

Best sushi I've had in a long, long time. It was such a random find, just driving by and figured I'd have a new Yelp review. Quality is keystone, but right now is the time to go with special lunch and Happy Hour (3-5 p.m.) prices. Combo D ($16.50) is Chef's choice of sushi (six pieces) and one choice of special roll, I chose the "Incredibles," which is spicy Albacore with seared Ono. Admittedly, I was just look for a budget deal, I never figured that the sushi was going to take my breath away. I got served the usual suspects: Salmon (delicate), Tuna (lean), Albacore (smokey) which were all A-for-Amazing. Things were going so well I ordered a rarity: Sea Bass, a sushi powerhouse for my mouth. In truth, I enjoyed it all the more with the fresh ginger on top of each bite.

Then came a tastebuds-humming dessert: Rosewater Saffron Pistachio Gelato on crispy wafer, with whip cream pillows. If you love exotic ice cream, this is a must. It's way better looking than the restaurant menu picture. See my Yelp picture. UPDATE: It wasn't as good the second visit, too frozen. Still liked it.

Bold red wallpaper looks like the inside of a Japanese Miso soup bowl. Toy yacht, decorative swords. Strong, burnished wood, ample space within a medium sized spaced restaurant. Staff that doesn't speak very good English, but if you love great sushi, that shouldn't bother you. The sushi chef, who knows his delicate cuts, rice wines and zinger sauces, is actually Korean.

Was this 5-star experience some kind of fluke? 5-stars for lunch hour, I mean, holy Jiro Dreams of Sushi! Most sushi restaurants I pretty much expect the easy to attain 4-stars, most fresh cuts are delicious, I mean when it comes to sushi you can really only screw it up. But "Hanashi" is so freakin' good it might have ruined other sushi establishments for me. There are three "regular" places for me that I might not go to anymore so I can spend my wages here. I mean, this is off Lincoln Blvd., nothing great ever comes off this boulevard. But OMG, "Hanashi" has made me believe again. Note: All sushi connoisseurs have to see the film "JIRO DREAMS OF SUSHI" (2012, documentary) or you're not really a connoisseur yet. It should be available on Netflix Instant. UPDATE: Enjoyed all sushi the second time, it was virtuoso. #catchingfire and #movielove

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Junior B. Los Angeles, CA

May 12, 2014

food was a solute lot fantastic and the staff were great! very polite with superb service. showed up a little late isinglass time but still treated us without a rush. had the ex boyfriend and xfirlfriend roll. healthy and tasty Was this review …?

Omar A. Los Angeles, CA

May 13, 2014

Great spot in Santa Monica, great prices, great sushi, the owners are wonderful and are extremely attentive to customers needs. I work just across the street so come in at least once a week and I absolutely love it. The combo lunch rolls are incredibly well priced and the fish is great quality, I can't recommend enough. I even make an effort to come here at nights sometimes so it's not just a convenience factor, the place is just great! Was this review …?


March 10, 2014

Super friendly.. makes you feel at home. Sushi is tasty and affordable! I came in for some to-go and they gave me edemame and miso while I waited. Both were simple and tasty. You can tell a lot about a place by how their miso tastes! I'll be back!